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Privacy Notice

This page details how we will use your personal information and your rights regarding its use

Lawful basis for obtaining and processing your data:

Under the data protection rules (governed by the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) with effect from 25th May 2018) there are several lawful basis controlling how we process your personal data and the basis that influence how we deal with it will normally be confined to one or both of the following:

Consent: You consent for us to process your data for a specific purpose, such as asking us to obtain an insurance quotation on your behalf using the data you have supplied to us.

Legitimate Interests: There may be times when we will use your data to pass on information to you which is judged to be important or of interest to you, such as insurance related updates.

What type of information do we collect from you, why do we collect it and how do we collect it?

In order to arrange an insurance quotation for you we will need to obtain and collate enough information from you to enable an insurer to calculate the associated insurance premium. Depending upon the type of insurance policy involved the amount of information we need from you may vary, and we collect it in a variety of ways such as face to face contact, by telephone, via post, by fax, via email and/or from information you submit via the Contact Page of our website (should we need to share or pass on your data (see 'Who could we share your data with?') then telephone, post, fax and/or electronic presentation will normally be the means of doing so).

Irrespective of the type of insurance policy involved we will never ask for any more data from you than is absolutely necessary on a case to case basis.

Who could we share your data with?

It will normally have to be passed onto relevant insurance companies and possibly, sub-brokers (these are usually insurance brokers that offer bespoke policy types on behalf of a particular insurer).

Where applicable some of the information we provide to the insurer may then be stored in a register of claims; other insurers have access to this register for the purposes of preventing fraud.

To enable us to comply with the regulatory laws covering our profession and to comply with law generally your data could also be shared with third-parties, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), our auditors and law enforcement agencies or similar, and potentially, with other third-parties as a result of occasional operational necessity.

Should you choose to pay your premium by instalments or via some kind of finance arrangement then your data will be required by the provider of that finance etc (this could lead to credit checks using your data albeit they will normally be classed as 'soft searches' which should not affect credit rating).

Ignoring those instances mentioned above, your data will never be passed to unconnected third-parties without your prior authorisation.

How is you data stored?

We hold your data securely. For the most part it is held electronically; this is password protected and the more significant data is held in an encrypted format so as to protect it from being the subject of cyber crime.  Certain hard copy data is also held in-house.

We do not store payment card or general payment information.

How long will we keep your data for?

Should you leave us as a client then your data will not be retained for any longer than necessary afterwards. However, for operational, procedural or regulatory reasons there may be occasions when we decide to keep your data for longer; this will be logged in the appropriate retention register.

Deletion of electronic data is carried out comprehensively and hard copy data is either shredded in-house or it is sent to a confidential waste specialist for destruction (a Certificate of Destruction is obtained in all cases).

Your access rights to your data:

You are entitled to know what data we hold about you.  Simply ask us for a copy of the data we have and this will be sent to you without charge.

Other rights you have concerning your data include:

Rectification - whilst we strive at all times to hold accurate and up to date information, you can ask us to correct or update data that appears to be inaccurate or incomplete.

Erasure - as long as there is not a compelling reason for its continued processing, upon request you have right to have the data we hold about you deleted. However, there could be overriding factors that prevent us from doing so or doing so immediately, and care should be taken on your part to ensure that your request to delete data will not compromise your own position in any way later on.

Objection - You have the right to object to your data being processed unless there are compelling or legitimate grounds which override your interests, rights and/or freedoms.


If at any time you feel that we are not using your data correctly or in accordance with the rules you may make a complaint a to us by writing to Anthony Perrin, Complaints Officer, here at P & W Insurance Group, James House, 153 Grosvenor Road,  Aldershot, GU11 3EF; by email to 'insurance@pwins.net' or by telephone on 01252 343822.

You also have the right to complain directly to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) about how we have handled your data; you may do via 'https://ico.org.uk/concerns/handling' or by telephoning 0303 123 1113.

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